Year in Review – Infocomm 2016 Model of the Year

By: Michelle Wille
VP of Sales & Marketing

At the start of 2016, Marshall Furniture celebrated 30 years in business. While the celebration of our anniversary lasted all year long through giveaways and prizes, we wanted to share our excitement during Infocomm 2016 as well. Specifically, we wanted to use our skills to develop pieces that personified our many years in the presentation furniture industry.

The planning process for Infocomm starts months (if not years) in advance. Marshall Furniture employees contribute ideas, support and criticism during showpiece development and construction. Although we all become attached to some designs and have our own personal favorites, every year we walk away from the show floor in agreement that one piece was the show stopper. For Infocomm 2016, Marshall Furniture’s Showpiece of the Year went to our model MLI-30, an industrial and modern ADA lectern.


The top was constructed in Apple-ply, a premium hardwood plywood known for its strength and beauty. This piece incorporated a 24″ All-In-One touch monitor, duplex outlet and LED light. With the touch of a button, the head rotated electronically for optimal usability of the monitor while the entire body below raised and lowered from sitting to standing height. All of these options were contained within a compact, petite frame at 30″ in width.

Looking back, it’s hard to say which feature was the most memorable. Perhaps it was the Apple-ply material and its contemporary feel, the electronic articulating head piece and its ability to accommodate a variety of viewing angles or the height adjustable base perfect for wheelchair accessibility. Whatever the reason, we feel its success and the positive response it received at the show was a direct result of our 30 years of custom design, engineering and building experience. This piece spoke to everyone in its own unique way and we’re proud to have shown Infocomm 2016 what we’re made of.


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