Exploring the Custom Conference Table Spectrum

Specifying a custom conference table can be a detailed task. There are so many styles, leg options and finishes to choose from that designing a solution can often lead to spending more than you originally anticipated. At Marshall Furniture, we offer customers an immeasurable amount of ways to personalize their pieces. However, our mission is to ease the design and order process as much as possible. To help do that, we’ve broken down many of our popular table styles to show what elements contribute to their price. We also explore several popular options within each style and what they do impact the overall cost.

High End

The foundation of custom conference tables postulates that the more ornate or uniquely shaped a table, the higher the cost. While that is true, adding options like monitor mounts, solid moldings or matching table bases also inflate the cost. Why? Well, because of the table’s unorthodox shape, several options are restricted to a particular size or need to be restructured to fit. This increases labor and time, contributing to a higher overall price point. Here are some examples of high-end conference table styles that we offer:

U-Shape (UST), V-Shape (VST), Y-Shape (YST) and CTR Modi

Our U-Shape, V-Shape and Y-Shape conference tables come in an open center or closed center format. Forgoing a hole in the center does tend to lower the cost. However, there is still the matter of options, especially below the surface. There are a plethora of table legs to choose from such as box legs, barrel legs or a cabinet base, to name a few. Aesthetically, however, designing something to match the top often involves some type of curved structure. Without adding access doors in each leg, this is a relatively cost-effective choice and would look something like this:

From there, an even more simplistic approach is panel legs. This design acts as support as well as blocking between sections but does not require as much material as a barrel or box leg. Modesty panels and cable troughs can be added between for cable management but will add to the price. Even lower in cost are metal tube legs. Without any added modesty panels or cable chases, this leaves the bottom open for cabling, which may be ideal for spaces where little to no technology will be needed.

At the top of the line would be embellished legs or an enclosed cabinet base. For obvious reasons, these contribute heavily to the cost based on both time and material. Nonetheless, they do create an ornate and highly stylized look that would elevate any conference space. Our CTR Modi table is a perfect example of the modern and sophisticated effect options such as this have.

Above the surface, dressing up the edges with solid wood profiles not only adds a touch of flair and individuality but also protects the surface from scratches caused by chair arms or writing utensils. This does contribute to overall cost however, especially on unique top shapes that require more material to travel around each curve.

In addition, anything larger and more obtrusive than simple cut outs, such as a microphone, tends to require a bit more time and money. For example, mounting a dedicated monitor, especially for multiple users, can get tricky, although it is possible. At the higher end would be a hidden, flip-open panel while a fixed set-up would keep the cost lower. Here are a few examples of some possibilities:

Mid Range

Although heavily customized set-ups are perfect for high-end executive boardrooms, the majority of spaces require a more simplistic design. A streamlined and traditional shape doesn’t take up as much space and the customization options are more varied.

Rectangular Shape (CTR), Boat Shape (CTB) & Racetrack Shape (CTRT)

In the mid range of cost are our most basic shapes. At the lowest end of the spectrum, and the most versatile of the three, is our Rectangular Shape table. This can accommodate almost any type of leg or base and surface equipment can be integrated a variety of ways.

Across the board, most basic table legs will be fairly cost effective. A fully enclosed base on any table style will be slightly more expensive. However, designing a base to match the Boat or Racetrack table’s unique shapes will amplify the cost more substantially.

As mentioned previously, specifying a closed center style table will decrease cost. However, depending on the options coupled with the table shape, pricing can increase exponentially. For example, options such as a solid wood edge, monitor well or height adjust are just several of the higher cost additions that we offer. Your quote can be adjusted by choosing to do a self-edge, monitor arm or a dedicated sit/stand height.


Of course not everyone can afford to spend a large sum of money on one table, and we get that. That’s why we also offer furniture stylized in several set sizes, shapes and with specific options at a lower price point. Customization of our budget-conscious tables is more limited but there are still several features that can be added to individualize each piece.

ELCO™ Rectangular (ELCO™-8R, 10R & 12R) & Racetrack (ELCO™-8RT, 10RT 12RT)

Within our Quick Ship line are basic conference table styles that users can customize with popular options at a low cost. In addition, these tables ship much faster than our custom pieces – 30 days for a quantity of up to five compared to 4-6+ weeks. As a standard, both the ELCO™ Rectangular and Racetrack tables come with a laminate top, black PVC self-edge, surface grommets and a cabinet base with leveling feet and one locking access panel.

Although our ELCO™ tables are, by design, more simplistic and restricted in shape, size and design, they are still able to be customized. Popular options include swapping the base for box legs (with access panel), adding cable reservoirs or small cable box cut outs for power and data, microphone cut outs, cable troughs, cooling fans and choosing from our standard veneers or specifying the laminate of your choice for the table surface.

In its basic form, the ELCO™ tables are at their most cost-effective. With each additional non-standard option that is added, cost does increase. However, even with several add-ons, these Quick Ship tables still provide significant cost savings over a highly customized set-up and are perfect for clients that need a simple piece without a handful of bells and whistles.

Although the aesthetic expectations for your next conference table are important and essential to maintaining a cohesive integration with the space, it’s imperative that you are aware of each aspect that will ultimately impact cost. At Marshall Furniture, we know that even though every project is different, adhering to a strict budget is a universal concern and one that we are sensitive to. That is why our team is dedicated to explaining details of the design and what aspects impact cost to ensure you are making an informed purchase. If you have questions about any of our custom or Quick Ship conference tables, please contact us directly to speak with one of our knowledgeable designers.


Inexpensive Ways To Dress Up Your Rack System

In today’s spaces, the task of effortlessly corralling the now ubiquitous equipment rack has become somewhat complicated.  Occasionally, the solution is a simple if unappealing one: leave it in the corner of the room. The result? A high-end space with a frame of switchers, amplifiers and media players spewing out heat and cables from every direction.  Rather than leave the rack system bare, or hide it in a closet somewhere, consider dressing it up within a properly ventilated and attractive furniture solution. Marshall Furniture offers many inexpensive, high quality rack systems for your individual needs. Each model includes several standard features with room for a variety of options to personalize and blend your piece into a space.

ELCO™ Mobile Rack Cabinets

The most obvious approach is to utilize one of our Quick Ship rack cabinets. These pieces are available in three sizes and come with a surface grommet, pocket locking door, fixed rack rail, locking rear access panel, floor hole for cable pass, floor vent, notched toe for air intake and 4″ locking swivel carpet casters. From there, surface cut outs, side drop leaf shelves, internal/external fans and a vented door can be specified. These pieces are also available in any of our 13 stock melamine colors and ship fully assembled within 30 days.

ELCO™ Credenzas

For a dual-purpose solution, consider specifying one of our Quick Ship credenzas. These pieces not only come standard in two rack sizes with dual bays but can double as a monitor cabinet. Choose from 13 or 17 rack units and any of our 13 stock melamine colors to personalize your piece. Standard with every ELCO™ credenza are surface grommets, standard locking doors, locking rear access panel, floor holes for cable pass, floor ventilation, notched toe for air intake and 4″ locking swivel carpet casters. The lead time is 30 days for build. You can also customize internal configuration by swapping out the rack for shelving instead. Internal and external ventilation options can be added and you can specify extra exit cable holes for no extra charge.

SCM™ Rack Carts

If you need a mobile solution to house your technology, specify one of our SCM™ rack carts. We have two models available in any of our 13 stock melamine colors. Both come with a 10-year warranty and ship fully assembled. Available features include a stock black laminate work surface for durability, surface grommet, black t-mold edges, locking pocket door, fixed rack, locking rear access panel, floor hole for cable passage, floor ventilation and exposed locking multi-surface swivel casters. One cart is simply for full rack storage while the other includes a small pocket for a resident CPU and hand notches on the surface for easy maneuverability.  An optional monitor stand can be specified on the surface to transform this piece from a simple rack cabinet to an information display solution. Additional ventilation, laminate surface options and cabinet configurations are possible. Lead time is 30 days.

ELCO™ Wall Rack Cabinets

This furniture option takes up less room space and is ideal for projects that require very little racked equipment. Standard features include 1-6 slide out vertical hanging rack units, large back notch for wiring and cable passage to wall outlet(s), surface and floor grommets for cable passage, locking removable front panel with exhaust vent slots and wall attachment cleats. Wall cabinets can be specified in any of our 13 stock melamine colors. The slide out rack makes servicing the unit easy. 30-day ship and 10-year warranty included. Specify additional exit cable cut outs or ventilation options as needed.

ELCO™ Rack Boxes

Easily dress up your rack system using one of our ELCO™ Rack Boxes. They can be specified in any of our 13 stock melamine colors to complement existing or new room furniture. Three sizes are available: 10 RU, 14 RU or 16 RU. Boxes are ventilated on all 4 sides and are open in the front and back for cable passage and additional air flow. A 10-year warranty is included.

Providing custom furniture solutions for seamless technology integration has always been our goal. The framework for our rack enclosure solutions is to ensure equipment is discreetly hidden while being easily accessible and properly ventilated. Our Quick Ship rack systems provide just that coupled with a lower cost point, faster lead time and a handful of customization options. To prevent eyesores in your next space, consider one of our budget-friendly cabinets or carts to safely and stylishly store your AV components.

ADA Compliance & Custom Furniture

Written By: Joyce Nemenyi

A Brief History:
Signed in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all public areas, including jobs, education and transportation. Recently, there has been a surge of higher education, courtrooms, businesses and multiple other markets coming to terms with the need for ADA furniture in their spaces. Many re-designs now request movable monitors, easily accessible technology and adjustable furniture pieces. But what is ADA compliance? Presumably, when someone thinks of ADA furniture, it likely comes in the form of ramps, walkways or motorized wheelchair lifts. Free-standing furniture, however, requires a complex mix of adjustable parts and available space to meet ADA. The type of furniture must first be considered, the equipment storage and interactive technology needs have to be integrated and then available seating at the unit needs to be accommodated. At Marshall Furniture, our sensitivity and versatility to ever-changing needs has provided us the opportunity to learn and implement the guidelines needed to ensure compliance.

ADA & Furniture:
Most assume adjusting furniture height is the end-all to solving ADA issues but that simply isn’t true. When you’re seated, it’s not just about work surface height. Users want to sit comfortably – so they need knee space. Users want to interact with all technology – so they need equal access to controls. In order to meet all three – adjustable height, available knee space and equal interaction with technology – we’ve got to start at the beginning and work our way to the end.

To begin, what is the application? If its higher education, the room may need an instructor station, training tables or a work station for lab work. Businesses may need office desks, conference tables or huddle stations for quick meetings. Courtrooms have a bench for the judge, jury tables, witness stands, etc. Each market has individual furniture pieces that they will need.

Secondly, consider what is going in the piece. Does it need a touch panel, a monitor or any microphones? How about storage equipment? Will there be racked technology such as transmitters, amplifiers or switchers? With AV furniture, it is imperative that technology be efficiently and discreetly stored, which is why it can get tricky with “off-the-shelf” units when you need to add in movable parts for ADA.

Lastly, will there be more than one user at the station? For a table, how many individuals will need to be accommodated? How much space is behind, in front of or around the unit? Presenters may need to travel around a table or get behind a lectern to use it. If there’s not enough space (because the furniture is too big, the room is too small or there’s a bulky side shelf), then compliance is still an issue.

A Marriage – ADA Compliance and Custom Furniture:
The great thing about custom furniture is that you never have to worry about compromising ADA needs or technology space for a fully functional and compliant piece. We work one-on-one with multiple clients everyday to ensure all their project specifications are met. Here’s a few examples of ADA requests based off of previous client feedback.

Community College X needs an instructor’s station. They need it to be ADA, have plenty of work space and house rack equipment to run an interactive panel and confidence monitor.



A desk with available knee space that meets ADA specifications, plenty of rack units and a large work surface for equipment. This unit is even budget-friendly, which is another important concern to keep in mind as ADA compliance can get expensive. Making sure the unit itself is relatively low cost helps when so many movable parts and extra storage space needs to be included.

University X needs a small lectern. They want to meet ADA. They’ve got a touch panel and monitor they want to integrate, along with components that will run both. They’ll need everything locked up but accessible when needed. They also need it to move freely about the room.


A compact ADA lectern that uses almost every inch of space to accommodate an 8″ motorized lift, 11 rack units, locking casters, pullout surface and equipment integration. This unit meets all three ADA needs for furniture: the lift allows adjustability of the surface, the pullout surface provides a temporary knee space and all controls are accessible to the seated presenter.

Company X wants a large conference table for a new video conference room. It needs to seat about 12-16 people and will have cable pass, microphones and space for user laptops.


ADA Blog Table Clearance

First, it’s important to ensure proper ADA guidelines for seating space are met. At least 30″ of width must be allotted for each person and the table must be the correct size in relation to the room to ensure wheelchair clearance around the furniture (at least 60″ for 360 degrees of swivel). If someone cannot back away from the table edge and/or turn to exit the room, compliance has not been met.

In the End…
As you can see, equal compliance, aesthetics and seamless integration can easily come together to create a great-looking, functional piece. By utilizing custom furniture, users can ensure their new and rehabbed spaces meet all guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition to providing resources for every presenter, each piece can be customized to fit a room’s style, color scheme or wood type. Call us today and let us know what aspects you need to include for your next project. We’d be more than happy to show you just how easy it can be to integrate all aspects of your vision to create a one-of-a-kind, high-quality (and ADA-friendly) piece of furniture.

Catching Up

Happy holiday season everyone!

We apologize for being away for so long. Our monthly post goal went a little off track for a few months while we all clamored to catch up with the influx of business we’ve been getting lately. It’s been a busy time for us and we couldn’t be happier! Therefore, we thought it best that our first blog back from our hiatus should be an update on what we’ve been up to since we last spoke.

First things first – new products
Our Quick Ship line has been ever expanding over the last few years but especially so lately. Since we debuted our traditional-style ELCO line at Infocomm 2014 over the summer, we’ve been brainstorming and designing new additions to offer customers more flexibility and budget-friendly options.

Recently, we posted a video to our newly-created YouTube channel debuting the ELCO-ADA-40 and will have a video up shortly on our ELCO-ADA-49 desk as well (check out our video on the ELCO-ADA-40 here). These units have an electric height adjust with 12″ range and optional under-surface vertical rack box. Both can be machined for small surface cut outs or fitted with an optional mount box for any touch panel or cable box needs. These desks differ from our usual ADA quick ship option, the SCM-640L, by offering users a smaller, more simplistic style for a lower price point.

Also new in our Quick Ship line is an optional 1″ radius aluminum corner and 3/8″ square aluminum corner, which can be added to any MRTA-style piece and our ELCO traditional style lecterns. We developed the aluminum corner option as a way to introduce further customization and variability in our budget-friendly pieces, especially for clients that are looking for more modernity in their furniture.

If you flip to the ELCO lectern section in our 2014/2015 Idea Book, you’ll see a handful of new options previously not available on our Quick-Ship pieces, including an LCD well and pullout drawer in lieu of a keyboard shelf. Users can choose whether they’d like a hidden access panel or one with hardware showing. All our AC outlets now come with USB connection, larger ELCO lecterns can have asymmetric and/or vented doors and all sizes of ELCO lecterns can include a full-width monitor well.

In conjunction with new products and options, we recently added six new melamine colors to provide customers more variability in their budget-friendly furniture. Modern, solid colors consist of Silver Frost, a light silver color, White and Slate Gray, a blue-toned dark gray. Wood-grained melamine additions include a dark brown color called Cocobala, Wild Cherry, which is a slightly darker, red-toned version of our regular Cherry melamine, and Asian Sun, meant to represent bamboo.

Upgrades & Additions
We’ve recently made updates to several aspects of our work shop and its grounds. Specifically, we had our parking lot paved, an endeavor requested for several years now. Before paving began, we suffered through several bouts of flooding and had gotten used to avoiding mud puddles scattered throughout the lot. After finalizing plans, we began parking lot renovations around late September. We’ve still got some ways to go before the lot is complete, but we’re (literally!) half way there.

IMG_2711       IMG_2712

A new addition to our sales team also happened around September. We had the pleasure of welcoming Lola – she specializes in giving kisses and begging for cookies! Yes, you read that right. Though, if you haven’t guessed by now, our new addition is a canine co-worker! She has seamlessly blended in with and befriended our other doggie companions here and has gotten used to prancing from office to office for attention.


IMG_2257 (768x1024)

A few months back we acquired another addition to our team – a Marshall Furniture van! We primarily wanted to invest in a vehicle that we could easily load small furniture into for local road trips to dealers and customers. More often than not, it’s so much easier to describe us and what we do visually and we wanted to find a way to bring our product to the masses.

IMG_2709       IMG_2704

Normally, we’re accustomed to doing trade shows throughout the year. During down time though, we thought it would be nice to be able to visit current and potential clients to introduce new products and present information about ourselves to those who might not already be familiar with our company.

If you’re in the Midwest or in a state near Illinois, please give us a ring or shoot us an email to inquire about having some of our staff come out to your location in our trusty new van. We’d be more than happy to schedule a time to present materials, products and answer any questions you and your associates may have.

Moving forward
There you have it – a quick synopsis of what we’ve been up to these past few months. As the new year approaches, we hope you will keep us in mind for any upcoming projects. We hope you enjoy the Holidays and enjoy a successful 2015!

See you next year!

We’re on YouTube!

Happy Monday, everyone!
Well, that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?

We’d like to jump back into your daily lives to inform you that we’ve taken on a new venture – YouTube! As a custom furniture company, we find it’s sometimes easier to demonstrate our products through in-person interaction. Since that’s not possible most of the time, we thought it best to take this opportunity to present our audience with video presentations of our most news-worthy and interesting pieces.

Click the photo below to check out our first video. It’s a quick explanation and demo of our new ELCO-ADA-40. Remember to like and please subscribe to see all our future posts.

Here’s the link. Click and enjoy!




Customizable, Budget-Friendly Furniture – Myth or Reality?

We’re faced-paced and materialistic – nothing you haven’t already heard. It’s universally known that as a society, we’re constantly looking for the best deal now, now, now but let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be this way. On a daily basis, we’re constantly bombarded with deals left and right for a can’t-miss savings or get-it-while -it-lasts offer. It’s therefore unsurprising that just the word “custom” can cause a physical recoil. Why? Through experience, most people come to find, more often than not, that you get what you pay for – if it’s cheap in cost, it’s cheap in design and if it’s custom, it must cost a fortune. For that reason, it’s naturally quite hard to find a worthwhile deal, especially when it comes to commercial furnishings.

One universal problem with budget-friendly commercial furniture is that consumers often find themselves buying something that fits their finances but crumbles to pieces within a year. Typically, because there’s a lot that goes into product cost (materials, labor, the manufacturing process, profit, shipping, etc.) it’s predictable that a lot of variables are sacrificed as a way to reduce delivered price. Not much of a deal though if your furniture is in shambles. And frankly, it’s simply not fair to ask smaller businesses and institutions to compromise on quality simply because they don’t have a fortune to spend re-vamping their offices, conference rooms and classrooms.

The other ever-present issue at hand is that of customization. Customers want what customers want and a manufacturer’s responsibility is to try and meet their needs but it’s difficult with budget-friendly furniture. As we mentioned before, it’s typical that consumers are left with little to no ability to tailor their commercial furniture to their needs without paying a pretty penny. And who wants to shell out money for a unit that isn’t even close to what they want?

That’s where we (and this blog post) come in. We’re aware that we might not be everyone’s first choice for economy furniture- it’s often assumed that due to our high-quality work, we couldn’t possibly offer a custom, cost-effective unit. After all, from the information we just gave, you’re probably thinking: does such an item even exist? Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the introduction you just read was all a precursor to our resounding answer of “yes.” We aim to prove that, unlike others, at Marshall Furniture, you can get what you want, you can get a quality, long-lasting piece of furniture and you can get it in your price range.

Allow us to elaborate:
If you peruse around our webpage or through our Idea Book, you’ll see we offer an widespread line of furniture called “Quick Ship.” We developed this line as an answer to a long standing need from consumers . They were drawn to our customization abilities but required a lower base price for their furniture.

With our Quick Ship pieces, we give you the opportunity to choose from a variety of standard sizes and finishes with options that accommodate your existing technology. We’ve got a variety of low-cost lecterns, workstations, monitor carts, credenzas, tables, rack cabinets, rack boxes, wall cabinets, desks and desktop lecterns. Depending on model type and size, you can incorporate LCD mounts, small touch panels and cable reservoirs, microphones, lighting, rack railing for equipment storage, drop leaf shelves and document camera drawers. Some units we construct with melamine, a low-pressure laminate, and others we manufacture like our custom lecterns using the same fine veneers.

That’s nice, but what makes you so special?
Okay, we expect you’re wondering what sets us apart from others who also claim to offer economy furniture. The answer is multi-faceted but simple. We apply quality craftsmanship to our Quick Ship pieces in the same way we do our custom products while consistently offering more customization options than others at a relatively competitive price. Plus, with Marshall Furniture, you’re getting a piece of furniture that is covered by our generous 10-year warranty, is made in America and has options that comply with guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Okay, so how much customization can I get?
Unlike some other manufacturers, our Quick Ship products are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Imagine you’ve got a client who doesn’t require much but still wants a quality piece of furniture for their application. Or, the job requires the complete opposite: a rather large desk with hydraulic lift for ADA purposes, rack rails for equipment, and cut outs and accommodations for touch panels and monitors atop the surface. With our Quick Ship line, we’ve got you covered either way.

The main element of “customization” that our Quick Ship line offers is options. We give you size options, finish options, add-on options, mobility options, work surface options, and much more. We offer the ability to machine the top surface on any of our Quick Ship products for small cut outs (touch panels, microphones, cable reservoirs, etc.) for no charge. Some of our models offer standard 270 degree hinge doors while others have doors that pocket inside the unit. We offer round or square add-on corners that can be specified as either black or aluminum. We’ve got wall cabinets that are low profile, have adequate ventilation elements and offer the ability to hold between 1-6 rack units. Not to mention, our Quick Ship lecterns accommodate most custom logo types and can incorporate additional cable pass and ventilation as required per customer.

Also, unlike most economy furniture, we make an effort to give you a product that reflects the high-quality look and construction of custom pieces. We want to give end users a custom feel without the custom price. For example, take a glance at our ELCO and EXEC pieces – they are modeled to represent the aesthetic of our most popular custom style: Prairie. Our MRTA? Reminiscent of our Radius style and the ELCO-T bears resemblance to our Traditional style custom lectern.

Wait – you mentioned ADA, what’s that all about?
The Americans with Disabilities Act sets guidelines for facilities to follow when it comes to components such as furniture. For us, this means we must ensure the furniture has adequate knee space and hydraulic lift so both seated and standing presenters can use the unit comfortably. Further, ADA compatible units must ensure equal access to controls by ensuring all components on the surface are easily within reach.

To satisfy these guidelines, we offer several units, one of them being our SCM-640L desk. As a standard, this desk has height adjust, rack railing for equipment storage, pocket door to eliminate interference, side drop leaf shelf for additional work surface space, and the ability to include an articulating monitor arm or electric lifting monitor mount. Cut outs for touch panels and cable wells are also available.
If your space requires a somewhat simpler and less option-filled unit, you might consider our ELCO-ADA-40 desk. This desk has an open knee space with 12″ of height adjust. The top surface can also be machined to accept any necessary equipment .

Great, anything else?
Well, as we mentioned before, all our products are made in the U.S.A. To some, this may not seem like much of a selling point, but we’re proud we can claim such a statement.

Country of origin can dictate cost as well all know. Sometimes, customers buy something strictly based on the price tag but have no clue where their product is coming from or who made it. This is never the case with us. At Marshall Furniture, you are familiar with the name of your designer, can work with them personally through email and phone and you can feel comfortable knowing that each piece of furniture was made in one place that you can point to on a map.

Additionally, being the small company that we are, the intimacy of such a small setting ensures that each piece of furniture we build, even our economy units, are made with care by individual cabinet makers who take the time to pay attention to details and build using only the highest-quality materials. As a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), our melamine units and wood veneer products are built to better than industry standards and can withstand shock loads, twisting, side loads and the abrasion of constant use. All of our veneer panels use the highest grade of veneer possible. To that end, we can guarantee all our Quick Ship products under our generously-long 10-year warranty.

Another thing that’s nice about our Quick Ship line? It’s ever expanding. Every year, we are looking to improve, add or modify our economy products to better suit our customers’ requests. We are always trying to keep price low by looking into new construction methods and we consistently try to introduce more and more options as our expertise increases.

Need more info?
Give us a ring. Send us an email. Request a catalog. Or, simply check out our website. Any of these avenues will provide you with images and information about our Quick Ship line. As you already know, we’ll produce design drawings to ensure your approval of each unit we build and we’ll make sure that you understand all your available options. Most importantly, we’ll work with your budget. Let us know what you’re looking to spend and we’ll develop a design that won’t empty out your wallet.

We don’t think you should have to compromise quality for price. So don’t believe the hype – customizable, budget-friendly is not a myth. At least, not at Marshall Furniture.

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