Markets Served

Our furniture serves a variety of applications, some of which are listed below:

Military and Government
From workstations for education to kiosks for information to tables for meetings, contact us and we’ll design the appropriate technology-driven furniture for your government entity.

Higher Education
As one of our more frequent clients, we’ve had many years of experience designing furniture that promotes a prosperous learning environment amongst students, teachers and faculty.

We know that it’s important to stay sensitive to budget. Not only can we design around AV equipment, but we strive to produce quality furniture that won’t break the bank.

We’ve built furniture for a variety of courtrooms, law schools and council chambers. Let us work with you to develop your next witness desk, judges bench or student table.

It’s important to ensure your boardroom space is furnished with the proper pieces to help accomplish your goals. Whether you require a traditional conference table or a modern video conferencing setup, rest assured that Marshall Furniture has you covered.

Having the right furniture and equipment is important to a work space. Marshall Furniture takes all your needs into consideration when designing your custom AV-friendly commercial furniture.

Our designers are all experienced with ADA requirements. More importantly, they can design solutions for individual needs or furniture that accommodates a broad range of needs.


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